Movement questions and answers. Invite children to think about how they can ask questions without using words and encourage them to try to say something by using movement instead of language. Other children can respond with their own movements. Remind children that this is a "no talking" game-- but lots of facial expressions are encouraged!

Play "fan You Do It?" Invite children to work in pairs. Then ask: Can you be a chair for your partner? How big can you and your partner make yourselves? Can you mold your partner like a lump of clay? Ask children to demonstrate their answers to each of these questions.

A game of statues. Try this new version of statues. Ask children to stand at one end of the room. When the leader says "Go ... be happy!" they will move to the other side of the room and freeze into a statue that shows this particular emotion. The leader continues by saying; "Go... be sad (or silly, frightened, shy, or whatever!" Continue the game until each child has a chance to the be leader.