I often use the morning for a meeting with the class. Certain students have jobs such as calendar specialist, meteorologist, party tracker (tracks how many days of school), and attendance analyst. These jobs rotate through the students and help them practice math skills and science skills. The calendar specialist tells us the complete date, including the day, month, and year. The meteorologist tells us the temperature, weather, and season. The party tracker counts the days through money, tens and ones, and tallies. He/she also tells us if it is an even or odd day. The attendance analyst tells us how many students are here and how many are missing.

After the jobs we talk about the days events. If there is anything special or out of routine for the day, we discuss it as a class. Following this meeting we sing a few songs and read our poem of the week. I find including songs and poems on chart paper is a quick way to practice some fluency every day as well.