Jenny and April said they didn’t believe in ghosts, but that didn’t make those ghosts any less real or dangerous.

But only a few hours later, Jenny discovered that looks can be deceiving. It wasn’t a perfect house; it was a haunted house, and so was the one next door. Shadows of a man and a dog drifted across the yard and upstairs a man whistled to himself, as he and his dog paced up and down the hall. And in one of the bedrooms, a picture of three boys in a convertible appeared and disappeared on the wall. Next door, in April’s house, the heartbroken sobbing of a girl echoed up from the basement, filling the house with fear and misery.

That was when the Tates has left the house they’d built only three years before, selling it for only half what they’d paid for it. It was the same house Jenny, her father, and her little sister were living in now. What had happened that made the Tates move so suddenly? Why did they want to be rid of their house so much that they were willing to sell at a huge loss? And why were the Carpeks so afraid to talk about what had happened?