Genna is the Sunrider, Donyati is the Moonspinner, and their destiny is to bring peace and harmony to their land-but how??


Genna and Donyati had to complete seven impossible tasks:

  • 1. Save humanity fom extinction
  • 2. Restore Sun Wizardry and the old human knowledge
  • 3. Win nightling allies for humanity
  • 4. Conquer the Three Twisted King of Sky, Forest and Stone
  • 5. Master and then destroy the moonroads
  • 6. Put humans and nightlings on an even footing
  • 7. Lead an army of all the peoples of the world to slaughter the Green Sorceress

But Master Navan hadn't taught them any of those things.  Instead, they'd spent three months conjugating verbs and reciting phrases in the dead language of the Sun Wizards.  Only now, when Donyati and Genna confronted him, did he give them homework that was related to those seven tasks.  Donyati, Yarri, and Dan left to begin their searches, while Genna and Catri stayed in the library, reading the ancient books they'd been assigned to read. 

But they'd been reading only a short while when Yarri sent Genna a frantic note, asking them to meet her.  It didn't look like Yarri's writing, but Genna didn't hesitate, thinking only that she'd probably been in a hurry when she wrote it.  It wasn't until they were face to face with a gigantic dragon that Genna learned the truth.  Someone very clever and very powerful wanted her dead.  The note hadn't been from Yarri, and it carried a spell that had led them to the dragon's cave.

No one who walked into the dragon's cave ever walked out again-it was a death sentence.  When the dragon finished his explanation, he roared loudly enough to deafen the girls, and then scooped them up in this mouth, and flew away.

Would Genna, the Sunrider who didn't know how to be a Sunrider, survive to fulfill her destiny and save her world?

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, writer, consultant, and booktalker extraordinaire.