Missile Mouse Book One: The Star Crusher Video Booktalk

Missile Mouse is the coolest, toughest and baddest mouse around. He's an agent for the Galactic Security Agency, and he takes his job very seriously.

After his archenemy, a mercenary named Gurne, escapes from his grasp, Missile Mouse finds himself on the bad side of his boss. The boss has had enough of Missile Mouse's failed missions and screw-ups. So for his next mission Missile Mouse is getting a partner, Agent Hyde. You see, a famous and important cerebellian named Ulrich Vondorf is missing, and it's extremely important that he is found. Cerebellians are creatures that have hundreds of years worth of knowledge stored in their minds. Ulrich's knowledge is incredibly valuable, but if learned by the wrong people, it could also be very dangerous.

The Galactic Security Agency believes that Ulrich has been captured by the Rogue Imperium of Planets, also known as RIP. RIP is determined to find a substance known as dark plasma. Dark plasma is a unique form of matter used to power black-hole making machines that destroy entire solar systems. And guess who knows where the dark plasma is hiding? Ulrich.

Missile Mouse has two jobs. First, save Ulrich's life. And second, find the dark plasma before RIP does so he can save the universe.

But how is he supposed to do this when he has to work with his new partner? Missile Mouse is used to being on his own. Will Missile Mouse join forces with his new partner and conquer RIP? Or will he do it as he always has - solo.

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