Your students will have fun creating this craft to give to their moms on Mother's Day!

What You Need

  • Milk cartons, one per student
  • 9- by 12-inch construction paper in various colors, one sheet per student
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tissue paper in various colors, at least two sheets per student
  • Green tissue paper, at least one sheet per student
  • Crayons, colored pencils, or markers in various colors
  • Unsharpened pencils (these will become part of the craft), at least two per student
  • Optional: Pipe cleaners, at least one per student
  • Optional: Stickers

What You Do

  1. Before doing the craft with your students, cut the tops off the milk cartons and rinse them with warm water. Let the cartons dry overnight.
  2. Help your students measure the milk cartons and cut a length of construction paper large enough to wrap around and cover the sides of the carton.
  3. Let your students decorate the strip of construction paper with crayons, colored pencils, or markers. If you'd like, have the students create tissue-paper designs and glue them to the construction paper, as shown. The students can also add stickers if you choose to provide them.
  4. Instruct your students to glue the construction paper to the milk carton so their decorations are visible. Set the milk cartons aside for the glue to dry.
  5. Show your students how to apply glue to the sides of an unsharpened pencil and carefully wrap the pencil with green tissue paper. These will be the stems of the flowers. Help your students with the wrapping if necessary. Students may make as many flower stems as they wish or that your materials will allow.
  6. Have your students create blossoms for the flowers from tissue paper. Students can try rolling tissue paper into rose-like shapes or cutting out and gluing together petals.
  7. Once your students have blossoms and stems, help them use pipe cleaners or glue to attach the blossoms to the pencils.
  8. Your students can place the completed flower or flowers in the milk carton vase.