Students can create this cute craft from a milk carton as a festive addition to an Easter or spring celebration.

What You Need

  • Half-pint milk cartons, one per student
  • Cotton balls, one per student
  • 9- by 12-inch pink construction paper, one sheet per two students
  • Googly eyes, two per student
  • White yarn cut into 2-inch pieces, 4 to 6 pieces per student
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • 9- by 12-inch sheets of brown, white, grey, tan, or other bunny-colored construction paper, at least one sheet per student
  • Optional: Paint in the same bunny colors
  • Optional: Easter basket grass or green strips of paper, enough to fill all cartons

What You Do

  1. Before doing the craft with your class, cut the 9- by 12-inch pink construction paper into 9- by 6-inch halves, one half for each student. Cut white yarn into 2-inch pieces so each student can use 4 to 6 pieces.
  2. Have your students cut the top off the milk carton so it has an open top.
  3. Let your students choose which color to make their bunny. Provide each student with a sheet of construction paper in their bunny color of choice. If you want to use paint, provide each student with paint in their bunny color of choice.
  4. Either have your students cover the milk carton with construction paper by cutting the paper and gluing it to or folding it around the carton, or have your students paint the carton in their bunny color. Set the cartons aside to dry.
  5. Have your students cut bunny ears from their bunny-colored construction paper.
  6. Help your students cut smaller ear shapes from the pink construction paper halves.
  7. Have your students glue the smaller pink ear shapes to the larger ears.
  8. Once the cartons are dry, have your students glue one cotton ball to one side of the carton to create a tail. The side with the tail is now the back of the carton.
  9. The students can then glue the paper ears to the inside of the carton's front panel, making sure the ears stick up above the carton.
  10. Have your students glue two googly eyes to the front of the carton for the bunny's eyes.
  11. Help your students each cut a small circle from the pink construction paper and glue it to the carton, under the eyes, to become the nose.
  12. Have your students glue a few pieces of yarn near the nose to create whiskers.

Optional: Fill the carton with plastic grass or strips of green paper. If you are planning a classroom Easter celebration, leave the bunny baskets on the students' desks on the last day of school before Easter for the Easter Bunny to fill with treats!