Scholastic Booktalk

Ghosts, magic, mayhem, and murder haunt the castle late at night. Do Mangus the Magician and his assistant, Fabrizio, have the power and the skill to discover how and why?

A princess who wants her own way, a magician who doesn’t believe in magic, a servant who knows more than his master, and a mysterious ghost who haunts a castle corridor – how do they all fit together?

Fabrizio lays out his tarot cards, seeking to know the fate of his master, Mangus the Magician. The first card he turns over is The Magician, and he smiles to himself, thinking that it’s a fine beginning. He sees a pattern as he continues to deal out the cards: The Servant, The Castle, The King, the Ghost, The Princess, The Tutor, The Queen. Finally, he has only one card left to turn, and as he sees the face of it, he freezes in horror. Death.

At that very moment, there’s a loud pounding at the door. It is after midnight, everyone should be abed. Could it be something to do with his reading? He opens the door to find that the king has summoned him and his master to the castle. It’s been ten months since Mangus was last there, when he was arrested and tried for wizardry. He is alive now only because of the king’s good favor, and has agreed never to practice magic again.

What does this sudden summons mean? Is his life once again in danger? There are strange thing happening in the castle, ghosts, deaths, and disappearances. Mangus and Fabrizio will need all their wits and their skills to solve the mystery and bring the villain to justice.

This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart