By Isabel Rose Dorval

I looked around the children's authors' tent on the Mall at the National Book Festival. I saw a big group of people huddled around someone. Suddenly, it came to me. "Dad, dad, Julie Andrews must be over there!" I didn't know what to think. Would she be elegant like the queen in The Princess Diaries? Intelligent like Mary Poppins? Funny like Maria in The Sound of Music? Of course she would be, I thought, but I would have to wait to find that out.

My dad and I eagerly walked back to the media tent where I waited to interview Ms. Andrews. There was a chair with my name on it in the front row. I sat down and reviewed my questions as a photographer snapped my picture. A few minutes later she arrived. It was time for my big moment.

Cameras snapped, video cameras were rolling, and it was my turn to ask questions. There I was, face to face with Julie Andrews, someone who has been a big part of my life through her books and films. She explained that she loved children, which made her want to write and be in children's movies.

It was a thrill to meet Julie Andrews and to be able to report and express my feelings about this event.

When the interview was over, I got to take a picture with her and so did a few other children. Julie Andrews was everything I expected: elegant, intelligent, and funny!