Maya Tortillas
For this recipe, you will need a measuring cup, medium-sized bowl, mixing spoon, skillet or frying pan, rolling pin, spatula, paper towels, 2 cups of masa harina (corn flour), and about 1 1/8 cups of lukewarm water. This yields about 16 corn cakes. Invite students to mix the masa and water together, and then knead the dough about 5 minutes. Adjust the amount of water or masa if the dough is too sticky or too dry. Divide the dough into equal-sized balls and give one to each student. Encourage them to use their hands or a rolling pin to flatten the balls into thin cakes on a clean surface. Place one corn cake at a time on a preheated skillet and cook each side for about 30 seconds. 
Super Salsa
Chop 6 tomatoes and one and half mild yellow onions, then invite students to placeg these ingredients in to a medium bowl. Ask students to first drain, then pour, three 14.25-ounce jars of mild diced green chilis in the bowl with the chopped tomatoes and onions. Finally, have students squeeze the juice from one and half oranges and one and a half limes into the bowl, and remove any seeds that may fall in. Mix these ingredients well, and enjoy!
Terrific Tamales
Your students can make a simple version of tamales using corn tortillas, turkey, beans, and salsa. Choose packages of pre-cooked turkey and pre-cooked canned red beans. Invite students to prepare their own tamales by placing a few pieces of the cooked turkey on the corn tortilla, spread about 1 tablespoon of salsa over the turkey, and about one tablespoon of the red beans (The beans may be pre-heated.) Have the students carefully roll the tortilla, and then eat their tamales; or, place rolled tamales in a small covered grill, then heat for about a minute.
Chocolate Chili Drink
For six servings, invite students to measure and place in a blender 6 cups of water, two tablespoons of vanilla powder, one cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, one cup of honey, one teaspoon of ground allspice, 4 teaspoons mild ground chili ancho, and one-half teaspoon of medium ground chili chipotle (only "mild" or "medium" so it is not too spicy for students.). Ask students to mix until all ingredients are well blended. Invite students to take turns pouring the beverage into small paper cups.