Camp IX

Camp IX: 27,900 feet above sea level
After helping Hillary and Norgay establish Camp IX, the rest of the team descends, leaving the final assault team alone in the dismal camp. After setting up their tent on an uneven ice slope, the two men eat sardines, biscuits, apricots, dates, jam, lemonade, soup, and coffee.

In –17 degree cold, with strong winds pushing at their tent, Norgay and Hillary rest up for the big climb ahead of them. Can you imagine sleeping in a tent in the bone-chilling cold, atop a windy mountain? Was it exciting? Scary? Find out firsthand by checking the interview with Sir Edmund Hillary.

Rest up! See you at the summit.

Activity Pack

Then and Now
Hillary's son, Peter, climbed Mt. Everest in 1990. As you can imagine, his experience was very different from his father's. How do you think mountain climbing has changed? Hint: Think about clothing and technology. Do you think that Peter's trek was more difficult than his father's trek? What do you think might be invented in the future that would make climbing Mt. Everest different from Peter's experience?

Assault Team- two or more climbers who attempt to reach a mountain summit.

Photo: RGS