Here ara some Ideas for adding fun and math teaming to your transition times:

  • GROUP TIME. At the beginning of the year, count the children out loud. They will hear you say each number as you touch or point to each child. They will chime in as you count As time goes by, children leam to expect a certain number in the class. Later in the year, introduce an "attendance train." After counting, tell them that you want to see the number. Give each child a connecting cube, all the same color, and have the children put their cubes together to create a long train, counting each cube as it is added.
  • TRANSITION TIME. Moving a group of children between activities or points In a safe, orderly, and interesting manner is a challenge and an opportunity. Name who will be first, second, and so on. Help children see that being "first" and "number one" in line mean the same thing. As an alternative, choose who is next using a classification, including attributes such as clothing color, clothing feature (stripes, for example), age, or birthdates. Tell children they are sorting themselves as they do so.
  • CLEANUP TIME. Invite each child to pick up a certain number of objects. Ask them to put away something that belongs down low, up high, and so on. Suggest that children look for something of a particular shape to put away.
  • MEAL TIME. Create a name chart that children can use to get enough snacks or drink cartons for their group. This helps children see meaning in numbers