The monastery

March 26, 1953: at 12,887 ft
Welcome to the historic Mt. Everest expedition. The team is attempting to climb up the world's tallest mountain and reach the summit — a place no human has ever been before. It has taken 16 days for Edmund Hillary, 13 other climbers, and 350 porters to reach the Tengpoche Monastery and set up a rear camp. Why are there so many people taking part in this journey? Find out by checking the interview with Whitney Stewart, our expert on Sir Edmund Hillary and his work.

In order to reach the monastery, the team has already trekked 170 miles up the hot and humid Katmandu Valley. The terrain is smooth, and everyone is in high spirits. The Sherpas, a clan of Nepalese, watch the team curiously, and join them in celebration when they reach this first stop at Tengpoche Monastery.

Rest up! Only 10,900 feet and 13 miles to go before your next stop at Base Camp. See you there.

Activity Pack

Everest Brainteaser
If it took 16 days to travel the 170 miles from Katmandu to Tengpoche Monastery, how many miles did the team travel, on average, each day?

Sir Edmund and the Sherpas
Sir Edmund appreciated all the help he received from the Sherpas during his climb. Check the photo gallery and learn how Sir Edmund has been involved in improving the Sherpas' living conditions.

Porter- a person who carries supplies.

Sherpa- a clan of people originally from Tibet who live along Nepal's mountainous eastern border with Tibet.

Photo: Ann B. Keiser