A great way to start the year off is for each student to make a class T-shirt. Students wear their T-shirt for special events that happen at the school and for all field trips. I like to integrate the T-shirt with a current unit, like my Nursery Rhymes Unit .

The students use fabric paint to paint a rainbow on the T-shirt. They paint a yellow sun with orange rays coming out of it. I write the word "kindergarten" with a black fabric liner in a curve on top of the red arc of the rainbow. I also make a smiley face in the sun. I write the school year in the area below the purple arc. I also write the name of the school below the rainbow. The T-shirts come out so colorful and unique. This is a great way to get students excited about being in kindergarten.

A song that can be used during this activity is "Rainbow Purple, Rainbow Green," which is sung to the tune of "Hush Little Baby."

Rainbow purple, rainbow blue,
Rainbow green, and yellow too.
Rainbow orange, rainbow red,
Rainbow smiling overhead.


Resources for Making Class T-Shirts