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Flora and her sister Ruby didn't want to move to Camden Falls, but they didn't have a choice. After their parents died in a terrible car accident, they had to live with Min, their grandmother. Min stayed at their own house till school was out, but then they had to move to Min's house. She owned a sewing store in Camden Falls, and had a house that had been in the family for generations. Camden Falls was her home, and the store would support the three of them. Flora and Ruby had visited Camden Falls many times, but this time it was a one-way trip, and that made everything different.

Min's house was one of eight houses built all in a row, all attached, the same size, the same floor plans, but inside, all very different. The eight families were good friends, and it took no time to get the U-Haul unloaded and the girls' furniture and belongings moved into their new rooms. Everyone was cheerful and glad to see them, especially Olivia, who lived next door, and who was delighted to have Flora and Ruby as neighbors and new friends. 

But as Flora looked around her room, at familiar objects in unfamiliar places, she thought to herself, "This isn't home, no matter how many times they say welcome home — this isn't home. I want to go home."

Many unexpected things would have to happen before Flora realized that she not only had a new family, but also a new home.