Lyonesse Video Booktalk

In a land of humans and monsters, can one boy make enough difference to save his homeland?

In the land of Lyonesse, there are men and there are monsters. Men use the monsters because when they dry out, they burst into flame that burns hotter than either wood or charcoal, hot enough to make metal run like water. Monsters allow themselves to be imprisoned and then burned, because their craving for the light is stronger than their fear of death. Monster-grooms and monster-catchers make sure that enough of the monsters are caught and kept until it is time for them to be burned.

But with the monsters comes the poison sea water in which they live. And as more monsters are required, the walls that encircle Lyonesse must be built higher and higher to keep the sea water out.

Idris was born into this world, as the seventh son, a child destined for great things. But his destiny remained a mystery for eleven years, while he went to school, played with his friends, learned his lessons and loved his family. Then during his eleventh year, a visiting mage noticed Idris and his talent for talking to people and animals with his mind. It was a new talent and one that Idris had not yet mastered, but the mage knew how rare and valuable it could be, and ordered Idris to come and live with him at his home.

He was to become a monster-groom, one of those who kept the land safe. But the training was difficult and there were no guarantees that he would be able to complete it. He and his fellow students had to master the powers of the earth, air, fire and water, and after that, the final Test. A golden future awaited those that survived.

What waited for Idris? What was his destiny, and where did it lie??

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.