Lyonesse: Darksolstice Video Booktalk

It is time for Idris to take up the duties of his office, and act like the King he was destined to be. But first he has to rescue his sister Morgan from one of the most dangerous and evil cities in the world.

Sixteen days ago, Idris, the rightful King of Lyonesse, had fled his kingdom pursued by the evil Fisheagle who had taken his throne from him. He had lost his ship, its captain Penmarch, his sword Cutwater, and most bitter of all, his sister Morgan. His foster family had taken him in, and he had been hiding ever since. 

But Penmarch had miraculously survived and Idris was able to rescue him. And from Penmarch he learned that Morgan was alive. She was a slave in Aegypt, one of the most evil and dangerous places in the world, but she was alive! And later, his sword came back to him, too. It was a sign. Idris was to take the sword and use it to rescue his sister and banish the monsters who had taken over his homeland. He had a long and dangerous journey to complete, a dangerous rescue to accomplish, and an equally long and dangerous trip back to Ar Mor. Yes, he was a King, with great powers and a magical sword and scabbard—but would those things be enough to protect him on his long journey? 

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, consultant, lecturer, and internationally known booktalking expert.