He might be a boy, but he was also a soldier. Killing his enemies was his only goal in life.

But Kaninda didn’t want the noise, the crowds, the safety of England. He wanted to be home, taking his revenge. It didn’t matter how long it took, as long as he got there before the killing was over. Then one day his teacher kept him after school. She had someone she wanted him to meet, another boy from Lasai who had just enrolled in school. A Yusulu boy. The enemy.

Kaninda couldn’t break free from the people holding him back, so he quit struggling, went rigid, and saved himself for the next time. His enemy now had a face and a name. Before he went back to Africa, Faustin N’gensi would die. He, Kaninda, wasn’t just a boy, he was a soldier, a captured Kibu soldier, committed to kill every Yusulu he could.