Everything changed when the terrorist attack killed Dani's aunt, her unborn cousin, and 84 others at the Argentina Israelite Mutual Association in 1994. Her school, like every other Jewish institution, installed security barriers and guard huts outside. Hundreds of Jewish families started to leave Argentina for Israel and the United States, and Dani's family business - and spirit- became profoundly broken. Her novio (boyfriend), Roberto, is almost the only thing that can make Dani smile anymore. But soon, like so many of her other friends, Roberto tells Dani that he and his family are emigrating to Miami. To make things worse, Dani's father decides to move the family out of Argentina as well.

With this fresh start, can Dani and the rest of her family begin to heal? Will Dani find the courage to let go of her life in Argentina and allow herself to move forward in her strange new home in the US?