A tradition at our school is for all the kindergarten students to participate in the "Spring Sing." It is an event where students dress up in their Sunday best and parade to all the classes, showing off their newly-made spring bonnets and derbies. Students also sing spring songs for the parents and we have a party after. To get ready for the Spring Sing, students have a day filled with language arts, science, and math activities that get them “eggscited” about the event!

Spring Centers

Make Chickens
Students take yellow construction paper and trace their foot (with their shoes on). They take orange construction paper and trace their hands, then cut out all three tracings. After gluing the hands to each side of the foot, they add eyes and a candy corn for the beak. Students then write independently about their chicken.

Classifying and Sorting
Students have an arrangement of different sizes and colored eggs and discuss the different ways to classify and sort objects. Students sort by size, shape, and color and see if all three are applicable. Then they sort and graph the eggs.

Each student gets a styrofoam cup, soil, and seeds. They go through the process of planting a seed and watering the plants as a part of their daily jobs. Students also keep a plant observation journal so they can write about the changes they observe.

Parent Center
While the students are at centers, a parent chooses one student at a time to begin making their hats for the Spring Sing.

Make Bonnets & Derbies
Students have an arrangement of fake flowers to choose from and select the flowers they would like to use for their bonnets and derbies. A parent volunteer hot glues the flowers onto a Chinet plate with the middle cut out.  Students add ribbon and the girls' bonnets are ready! The boys get to choose a flower and feather for their derbies (which can be bought at any party store). A parent hot glues the ribbon around the brim of the hat, and glues the flower and the feather.