With just a few materials, this craft will transform your class into a room full of lucky little leprechauns!

What You Need: 

  • Paper plates, one per student
  • Scissors
  • 9- by 12-inch green construction paper, one sheet per student
  • 9- by 12-inch orange construction paper, one sheet per student
  • 9- by 12-inch black construction paper, one sheet per 2 students
  • 9- by 12-inch yellow construction paper, one sheet per 2 students
  • Glue
  • Craft sticks, one per student
  • Masking tape
  • Leprechaun Mask Hat Template (PDF)

What You Do

  1. Before class, use the Leprechaun Mask Hat Template (PDF) to create sturdy stencils for your students to share. You may want to divide the black and yellow construction paper sheets into halves.
  2. Have your students fold their paper plates in half and cut out the center of the paper plate so the border is left intact.
  3. Help your students cut their sheets of orange construction paper into 1- by 3-inch strips.
  4. Students should tightly roll each strip of orange construction paper so even after it unrolls, it stays partially curled on its own.
  5. Have your students glue the curly orange strips along the rim of the paper plate, leaving half of the rim empty.
  6. Have your students use the stencil to trace the Leprechaun Mask Hat onto a sheet of green construction paper and cut it out.
  7. The students should cut a thick black strip from the black construction paper. It should be approximately 1 inch by 7 inches, or as long as the top part of the hat, so that it will fit the hat right above the brim.
  8. Next, students should cut a rectangle from the yellow construction paper, and then fold it in half and cut out the center to create the buckle.
  9. Have the students glue the buckle to the black strip, and then glue the strip to the hat. Note: Students may want to trim the edge of their black strip if it is longer than the width of the hat.
  10. Help your students glue the bottom of the hat to the empty top half of the paper plate rim.
  11. Students can use masking tape to attach the craft stick to the bottom of the paper plate, at the back, to create a handle.