Meet Allyson Daley, a first-grade teacher at P.S. 321 in Brooklyn, New York, and one of the super teachers and classroom interior designers featured in Scholastic's professional book, Classroom Management in Photographs.

"Everything in my classroom has a specific place, and a routine to go with it," says Allyson. "In setting up my classroom, my goal is to have everything that students need available to them," she explains. "I ask myself: Can they get to the things that they need to get to? This helps push the children toward being in charge of themselves in the classroom and making good decisions."

"Classroom success is all about the routines," she adds. "In my classroom, things are always done the same way. I think that helps kids feel really comfortable and really safe."

Our Share Chair
"To help keep the children focused in our meeting area, where we do share time and read alouds, I have a special share chair. Anything students bring in for sharing — a tooth to show, a new book — is kept here."

No Interrupting Table
"This is where I read, write, and hold conferences. The kids know that when I'm sitting here, especially with a child, it's private. They can't interrupt unless it's an emergency."

Measuring Tools Bin
"For each math study unit, I create a bin. For this one, we made a list of different measuring tools and gathered them together. The kids use the list and bin for reference, just like a word wall."

Poetry Centers
"All our poetry centers go in separate baskets. During poetry time, children choose a basket and then go to their designated spots, such as our poetry window. Children peer out, list five things they see, then compose a poem about the most interesting thing that they saw."

The Red Table
"You can't miss this bright red table that stands right next to our classroom door. Students, parents, and staff people all use it as our classroom mail center — to drop off notes for me and other important papers, such as signed permission slips and attendance sheets."

Edge of Your Seat Stories
"Before we learn a technique in writer's workshop, we study it in reading. The idea behind 'edge of your seat' is to stretch a moment using rich, descriptive language. This book display contains our models for writing."

Leveled Math Games
"I use colored folders and stickers for everything! These simple math games are organized into three levels: The red bin and stickers mean beginning level; orange means grade level; and blue means extra challenge."