These series and single-title books offer hands-on learning opportunities and stunning visual introductions to creatures, environments, and ecological science. Use them to build students' awareness of the impact humanity has on the natural world.
Grades PreK-2
Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers - Habitats (Grades 1-2)
Why does a pig frog live in a swamp and not on a prairie? The Scholastic News Habitat books explore six unique habitats and the plants and animals that live in them. Readers will learn how external features of plants and animals help them to thrive and survive in their respective habitats.
6-title series

Scholastic News Nonfiction Readers — Life Cycles
(Grades 1-2)
This series introduces young readers to the life cycles of living things. Readers will learn how chicks grow up to become roosters or hens, how some sharks come from eggs while others do not, how some turtle hatchlings find their way to the ocean, and much more.
6-title series

Sidewalk Science Series Dirt : Classroom Pack (Grades 2-4)
Help Save the Park! Kids gather data to prove the park is in trouble. They learn all about Earth Science: what dirt is made of; what is the ecosystem that lives under the dirt; how contaminated dirt harms us; what makes dirt move and how we can improve it.
Single book title

Welcome Books — Animals of the World
(Grades PreK-2)
This emergent reader series introduces children to different animals, such as the bottlenose dolphin, ocelot, Bengal tiger, and the Komodo dragon, from around the world. Readers will explore each animal's habitat, learn about their eating habits, and discover other fascinating facts.
8-title series

Welcome Books — Ocean Life
(Grades PreK-2)
Emergent readers can experience the world of marine biologists in this new underwater series. Beautiful full-color photographs and simple text introduce young readers to different plants and animals that live under the sea. Ocean Life discusses underwater habitats, such as coral reefs, and the eating habits of crabs, jellyfish, and starfish.
6-title series

Wonderful Worms (Grades K-2)
by Linda Glaser, Loretta Krupinski (Illustrator)
Simple informational text and full-color illustrations encourage an appreciation for the small creatures of the earth by explaining the vital role that earthworms play in the planet's ecosystem.
Single book title

Grades 3-5

Animals and Nature (Grades 3-5)
by Janine Amos, Laurence Pringle, Andrew Solway, Lindy Norton (Illustrator)
This highlights a splendid variety of 140 animals-from alligators to zebras, and many in between! Most of the animals featured are common to kids' experience, whether found in their neighborhoods or at the zoo. With spectacular photographs of each animal and a discussion of physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats, this is a fascinating and useful reference for any child interested in the animal kingdom.
Single book title

A True Book — Ecosystems
(Grades 3-5)
Perfectly suited for today's science curriculum, this series explores life in the ecosystems around the globe. Each book examines ecological regions and important environmental concepts. Readers will learn about the plants and animals that inhabit these regions. They'll also learn about the importance of preservation and how the various life-forms within these areas co-exist and rely on each other for survival.
5-title series

Undersea Encounters
 (Grades 3-5)
From sea dragons and octopuses to coral reefs and kelp forests, Undersea Encounters takes young readers to the ocean depths like never before. Featuring stunning close-up pictures by award-winning National Geographic photographer David Hall, each book has an eye-catching design for maximum kid appeal. Also included are quick facts and sidebars, table of contents, glossary, index, and books and websites for further reading.
10-title series

What on Earth? — It's Alive!
(Grades 2-4)
Dazzling photographs and illustrations depict how animals and plants live and intermingle in the rain forest, desert, grasslands, tundra, and wetlands.
5-title series

Wildlife Conservation Society Books (Grades 4-6)
Readers will learn about the many challenges a scientist faces as he or she studies a particular group of animals in its natural setting. Each book provides authoritative information on the animals' physical characteristics, behavioral patterns, lifecycle, and habitat.
8-title series

Grades 5-8
The Restless Sea
(Grades 5-8)
Stunning photographs combine with gripping narratives and authoritative marine science. Award-winning author Carole G. Vogel writes with passion about the turbulent rhythms of ocean waters, the awesome power of the ever-shifting Earth, and the eerie creatures that survive the dangers of their underwater world. Includes sidebars, a glossary, further reading, and selected bibliography.
6-title series

Watts Library — Animals
(Grades 5-7)
Animals intrigue all curious minds, and this series is perfect for those middle-grade animal enthusiasts looking for more animal facts. Each book is filled with informative facts that can be used for report writing or for those animal lovers looking for more in-depth information.
17-book series

Watts Library — Biomes and Habitats
(Grades 5-7)
Perfectly suited for today's science curriculum, this series explores life in the biomes and habitats around the globe. Each book examines ecological regions and important environmental concepts. Readers will learn about Earth's plants and animals that inhabit those regions.
12-title series