The Last Summer of the Death Warriors Video Booktalk

Pancho is no stranger to death. His mother passed away when he was only 5 months old. During Pablo's junior year of high school, his father died in a construction accident. And then only three months later, the last member of his immediate family, his older sister Rosa, passed away. Though the cause of her death was listed as "undetermined" on the Coroner's Report, Pancho knows there must be foul played involved. The police never bothered to find out who was with her in the motel room where they found her lifeless body.

All Pancho can think about on the ride to his new home, St Anthony's Orphanage, is finding the man responsible for Rosa's death and killing him. At Saint Anthony's, Pancho meets DQ, a fellow orphan who is losing his battle with cancer. DQ is determined to live out his last days to the fullest, and has written a guide to living. He calls it the Death Warrior's Manifesto.

Pancho already has a gun. It's just a matter of time until he tracks down the man who was with Rosa in the motel room. It's up to Pancho to decide whether or not to avenge his sister's death or try taking the path that DQ has offered - a path of faith, of forgiveness, and of love. The path of the Death Warrior.