Scholastic Booktalk

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I can’t use the mindprobes, so I can remember things. That’s the beginning. What’s the end? Read me and find out.

The way I got to know Ryter is this: The Bangers sent me to bust him down. He was just another gummy, scheduled for cancellation, so I thought why not rip him off? It wasn’t until I got to his box that I discovered what was different about him. He had books! No one has books anymore, or even knows how to read. Mindprobes are the thing now. You can experience everything firsthand, between your ears. There are supposed to be some awesome probes, but I wouldn’t know, I’ve never touched them. I’ve got this medical condition that makes me allergic to electrode needles. Stick one in my brain and it’ll kick off a really bad seizure and then total mind melt, and that’s it, folks. I’m gone. That’s why they call me Spaz. So I remember a lot of what I see and think about, which makes me different. Maybe not as different as Ryter, but different enough.

The Bangers control everything in my part of the Urb, between Eastie and the Pipe. If you live there, you’re either down with the Bangers or you’re dead. I didn’t want to be dead, and so I stole, even if the Bangers did take half of it for themselves. That’s why, when the Bangers told me to take down Ryter, I didn’t have a problem. Until I started talking to him, and thinking about what he said. That’s when my life started to change, and that’s why I’m writing this book, even if no one can read it now. Maybe someone in the future will, and find out how Ryter changed me, and maybe changed the whole world.

I gotta tell what I saw, what I heard. I was there when the Bully Bangers went to wheel Ryter for his sins, and I saw what they saw and I heard what they heard, and it turned my brain around. It made me realize that Ryter was right – I did have a story to tell. So I’m writing it down, and if you can read, you’re welcome to take a look at it.

This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart