It will be the last and the fiercest battle that the Land of Elyon has ever seen.

Alexa has only one jocasta stone left. It will have to be enough. They have only five days to get the stone to Grindell and rescue Yipes. But instead, Alexa is drawn to the bottom of a dangerous cliff. There, Armon the giant carries Alexa and Murphy the squirrel up into the mist that covers the cliff, and then beyond it, where the air is clear and bright. And then, they are at the top of the cliffs. Alexa and Murphy look over Armon’s shoulders to see where they’d been led to. It isn’t a city or a mountain as Alexa had expected, but something far, far different. And as they all stare, stunned and unbelieving, Alexa hears a voice inside her head telling her that no one must know about what they are looking at. The mist suddenly rolls down, hiding everything. It is time to go back.

But all three of them know that the place they have just seen is key to the battle they are going to have to fight very soon. The battle between Elyon and Abaddon, between good and evil. Warvold has a plan, a dangerous and elaborate plan that begins to unfold, one mysterious step at a time. If they are to succeed, everyone will have to give their best, their all, for evil must not be allowed to triumph.

Return with Alexa and her friends to the Land of Elyon and to the greatest battle this fair land has ever seen.

This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart