Kristiana Gregory was interviewed by Scholastic students, parents, and teachers. She answered questions about her various books and the historical fiction genre.

Can you tell me a little more about your new book, Eleanor: Crown Jewel of Aquitaine? Can you tell us about her personality and what will take place in her diary?
It's set in France during the Middle Ages, the year 1136 when Eleanor is 14. There are castles, knights in shining armor, kidnappers. Eleanor is super smart and headstrong ... she loves her little sister, Petronilla. When her father plans to go on a pilgrimage to Spain she wants to go with him.

Why do you like writing historical fiction? Do you write in any other genres?
I love true stories. The genre of historical fiction has more freedom, as opposed to biographies or nonfiction, which must be 100 percent correct. I also like writing short stories and picture books.

Hi! I saw [an early edition of] Eleanor of the Royal Diaries. It's so cool! I think it's going to be a grand success! Its cover is pretty too! Do you know any other Dear America authors?
I'm glad you saw Eleanor's cover. I like it too. As far as knowing other authors, we live in various states and work from our homes so it's difficult to see one another. I did get a chance to meet Kathryn Lasky and Patricia McKissack a few years ago at a reception in New York City.

I just loved your Cleopatra VII Royal Diaries book.
Thank you! It was a lot of fun to write and I'm really happy you enjoyed reading it. Did you know they made it into a half-hour film that is on the HBO Family Channel?

Can you tell us what new Dear America books you are working on and what they will be about?
Next month Scholastic will publish another volume in the My America series: We Are Patriots: Hope's Diary Part 2. Then in November there will be another Royal Diary: Eleanor, Crown Jewel of Aquitaine, France 1136.

How did you get involved with the Dear America series?
Scholastic invited me to help launch the series.