Blister has too many men in her life — her father, her mother's boyfriend, her best friend Jonah, and Jakob Cutter, one of the most popular guys at school.  It's a lot to handle, and Blister isn't sure she can pull it off.

Blister has too many men in her life and they are causing too many changes.  Jack Reed is her father, but he doesn't really act like one most of the time.  Ever since he married Tamara last year, he spends all his time trying to please her, and since she doesn't like Blister even a little bit, Jack Reed is pretty much a no-show in Blister's life.

Then there's Frank Holt, her mother's boyfriend, who shows up one Sunday morning with yellow roses.  Blister had no idea her mother was even dating anyone, and suddenly Frank and her mother are not only dating, they're serious about each other, and going to move in together.  Blister will have to live with a complete stranger she's pretty sure she hates!

Even Jonah, her used-to-be best friend, has changed.  He's decided he wants to hang out with the cool kids at school, instead of with Blister.  The only problem is they don't want to be friends with Jonah, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get him to stop hanging around and bugging them.  Getting him into trouble for shoplifting should do the trick.  And on moving day, when Blister sees a story in the paper, "Memorial Junior High School student arrested for shoplifting at Ram's Electronics, next door to the bus station," she knows it's Jonah.  She knows Jakob Cutter, Monster Bar, and Eddie James got tired of Jonah trying to be their friend, and framed him.  She didn't know exactly how, but Jonah is way too nerdy to shoplift. 

So Blister is not happy to discover when she gets to the new house, that Jakob Cutter is going to be living right across the street from her!  And he's being really nice to her, even though she doesn't want anything to do with him, because of what happened to Jonah.  And bringing her a red rose in a vase as a welcome to the block present-what was that about?  Plus he keeps asking about Jonah and if she's seen him, and there's just no way she's gonna tell him the truth!  Jonah's run away, afraid the police won't believe he's innocent, and Blister has to find him before anything else happens.

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian, and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.