Solar panel, pollution reducer | Kids' Environmental Report Card

What new pollution-reducing products would you spend money on?

Most kids say they want “more recycled and recyclable daily goods,” according to the Kids' Environmental Report Card poll.

Many also want their families and friends to "think big!" "I want a 'green' house, an energy-efficient car and more!" was the second most frequent poll reply.

That's a message that, for the sake of the planet, most business owners need to hear. By "going green," they can often save money on energy bills and the cost of materials used in making their products. They can also get good publicity for their efforts.

Reduced, Recycled, Remade

Take JC Penney stores, for example. Earlier in 2008, this nationwide department store chain launched a new "Simply Green" brand, which includes everything from clothing to home accessories made from recycled, renewable or organic sources. The company reports that it has already recycled more than 95,000 tons of cardboard and 13,500 tons of plastic last year alone.

The Nordstrom department store chain is taking steps to use recycled materials, as well. It recently introduced a new line of shopping bags, totes, and gift boxes for its customers. The new shopping bags will replace earlier designs, which had non-recyclable propylene handles.

And let's not over look Nokia's experimental design for a cellular phone. This item is appropriately named "Remade," because it is built almost entirely recycled aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and rubber tires. The "Remade" phone is still in the idea stage, but with enough encouragement from shoppers, it could be available soon.

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