The moment Meg was dragged into the white van, the Falconers’ nightmare began all over again.

John and Louise Falconer are home, cleared of all charges of treason after fourteen months in prison. Their children, Aiden, 15, and Margaret, 11, are home as well, after escaping from a juvenile detention facility and eluding the police and the FBI for eight weeks. They are all ready to put everything behind them and begin a real life again.

But not everyone believes in their innocence. There are Falconer-haters everywhere, at school and in their neighborhood, throwing a brick through their front window. How can life go back to normal when no one trusts them? But the biggest thing keeping the Falconers from being normal is the Falconers themselves — and how the things they had to do to survive changed them forever. When someone has faced down killers and lived through things more terrible than the worst nightmares, it’s hard to care about everyday things at school like science class, or math, or a game of baseball. Meg and Aiden can’t relax from the tension and watchfulness that kept them alive for eight weeks. They’ve changed too much.

And then a battered white van pulls up beside Aiden and Meg as they’re walking home from school. Two men wearing masks jump out and drag Meg into the van. Aiden fights them with everything he has, but it’s all in vain. Meg is kidnapped.

Within minutes, the Falconers are back in the middle of a nightmare. Who has taken Meg? What do they want? And how will her family ever find her?