The Keys to the Kingdom, Book Five:  Lady Friday
Written by Garth Nix

It's the fifth day, and Arthur is still having problems.  He's gotten four of the Keys to the Kingdom, but his week is getting worse, not better.  Mortals are disappearing from Earth in huge numbers, including his mother and his good friend Leaf, and Lady Friday is said to be the cause of it.

And the Lady herself has sent Arthur a strange message about not wanting the fifth key or the fifth part of the Will of the Architect, and that whoever finds them in her house can have them.  Arthur would rather look for his mother and Leaf, but Superior Saturday has locked all the elevators and blocked the Front Door.  There's no way for Arthur to get out.  And that's fine with Dame Primus, the Embodiment of the Will, since she has a long agenda of things she needs to discuss with Arthur.  Then there's also the problem of skirmishes that keep breaking out in the army-Arthur has one problem after another to deal with.

But all of that becomes inconsequential when Arthur touches the plate Lady Friday's message is inscribed on.  It's a Transfer Plate, and he is immediately whisked away to a place that is cold and snowy, a place Arthur has never seen before.  The message has been a trap to get him out of the safety of the Great Maze, to wherever he is now, where he'll be much, much more vulnerable.

What is Lady Friday up to with her tricky messages and the thousands of mortals she's kidnapped from Earth?  Arthur's gotten four keys so far, but the fifth battle may be more difficult than all the ones before it.

This booktalk was written by university professor, librarian, and booktalking expert Joni Richards Bodart.