Arthur didn’t expect to go back into the House, but the invitation from Lady Wednesday wasn’t optional.

A magical flood swept into Arthur’s hospital room where he and Lucy were talking and swept them away, along with the hospital bed they were in. “Transportation will be provided,” the invitation had said, and the flood was undoubtedly part of it. As soon as he’d read the invitation, Arthur had prepared for a sudden departure. Now, all he and Lucy could do was hold onto the bed as it was tossed by the waves. But then the ship that had suddenly swept up next to the bed took Lucy (who wasn’t even supposed to be there) instead of Arthur, and he was forced to cross the Line of Storms with only the invitation for protection. But a steel framed hospital bed isn’t a raft, and soon after Arthur had passed into the House, it began to sink, with no land or ships in sight. In fact, all Arthur could see was a huge, mostly submerged ball, only a few yards away.

Arthur pulled himself inside to wait for someone to show up. When a ship finally appeared, it heaved-to, and a small boat was rowed towards him. Rescue seemed certain until the Denizen crew saw his red-stained hands, and recoiled in fear and horror. “He’s got the Red Hand. Feverfew’s mark! We’re all doomed!” It seemed that the buoy was marking one of the treasure chests owned by the evil pirate and Sorcerer of Nothing. The birds had flown away to tell him of the theft, and he would soon be arriving in his magical ship of bone, the Shiver. Terrified, the crew hustled Arthur and the treasure chest on board and set sail immediately.

On Monday, the first day, there was mystery. On Tuesday, the second day, there was darkness. And now, on Wednesday, the third day, there are pirates and kidnappings and death. Will Arthur and Lucy survive, or will this journey be the end of everything?