The week is almost over. Arthur needs only the last key and the last part of the willbut Lord Sunday is determined to prevent him from getting them.

Arthur has escaped Saturday, and taken the sixth key and the sixth part of the Will with him. But it has not been without a price—Arthur's body is completely Denizen. His body has changed—his skin is a deep red-gold, smooth and poreless, his hair real gold, and his eyes golden around black irises.

Arthur's fall when he escaped from Saturday had landed him somewhere in part of the Incomparable Gardens. He had to figure out where he was as soon as possible, because if he was going to win the war, he had to find the seventh and final part of the Will and use it to force Lord Sunday to give up the seventh key. 

When a green Piper's Child named Phineas offered to show him the way out of the Garden, Arthur didn't hesitate before he agreed. But Phineas wasn't who he seemed to be—suddenly, he was a huge imposing figure more than ten feet tall and before Arthur could move a muscle, he used a silver net to steal the fifth and sixth keys from him. Looking up at his cruel face, Arthur realized that he'd just found Lord Sunday.

To defeat Sunday, Arthur must get all seven parts of the Will and use them to force Sunday to give up the seventh key. The week is almost over-does Arthur have the time and the passion to win his strongest and most dangerous enemy yet?

This booktalk was written by Joni Richards Bodart, university professor, librarian, consultant,and internationally known booktalking expert.