Republic of Kenya (Jamhuri ya Kenya) is the official name of the country.

Location: East Africa.
Area: 224,960 sq mi (582,646 km2).
Population: 28,800,000 (estimate).
Capital and Largest City: Nairobi.
Major Language(s): Swahili (official); other African languages; English.
Major Religious Group(s): Christian (Roman Catholic, Protestant); traditional African religions; Muslim.
Government: Republic. Head of state and government–President. Legislature–National Assembly.
Chief Products: Agricultural–coffee, tea, sisal, corn, millet, beans, other vegetables, pyrethrum, sugarcane, cotton, livestock. Manufactured–processed food, refined petroleum, textiles, cement. Mineral–soda ash, limestone, salt, fluorspar, iron ore, gold.
Monetary Unit: Kenya shilling (1 shilling = 100 cents).

Kenya, a nation in East Africa, is a land of striking contrasts. It lies astride the equator, yet it has mountains that are permanently capped with snow. Lions, giraffes, and other wild animals roam freely in a huge national park not far from the modern capital city of Nairobi. Kenya retains many of its African traditions, but it also has inherited many European customs from its years as a British colony before gaining its independence in 1963.