The Keepers' Tattoo Video Booktalk

Nyssa spends her days at the Drowned Boy Inn, serving ale, cleaning tables, and avoiding unseemly advances from inebriated men. While not the most luxurious life, Nyssa doesn't feel anything but lucky—being that the innkeepers, William and his wife, found her as a small child, abandoned and alone, and took her in. Nyssa has no memory of her past, but she has incredibly vivid dreams of another life. Her waking life is pretty predictable...but when a strange ship pulls into the town's harbor, everything changes.

After one of the locals attempts to prevent Nyssa from entering the Inn, William reveals to Nyssa the life she never knew she had. Nyssa was part of a family, with a mother, a father, a brother, and all of them belonged to a tribe of people known as the Keepers.

The Keepers were thought to have been all killed off—but Nyssa's mother managed to protect her daughter. Now the people who attempted to annihilate the Keepers found out they hadn't finished the job, and the strange ship in the harbor was coming for Nyssa. There was no time to think about her newly found past or the ever-approaching future. Nyssa must leave behind the only life she's ever known—and fast.