Justin Fisher is the shortest and skinniest kid in his 5th grade class, but he's also the funniest. Well, at least he thinks he's the funniest.

Ever since he slipped on Jell-O and fell in the cafetorium (a combination of the cafeteria and auditorium) on the first day of 3rd grade, Justin has been able to make his classmates laugh.

Whether it's playing pranks or cracking jokes, Justin is definitely the class clown. But lately, his classmates don't seem to think he's very funny. Even when Justin does hilarious stuff like fake a broken finger and swallow a goldfish! Sure, every once in a while other kids laugh at him, but most of the time they roll their eyes or tell him to be quiet.

When the school announces that there will be a talent show, Justin knows it's his time to shine. By emceeing the talent show, he knows he'll win back the love and respect of his classmates, and maybe even prove to his teacher, Mr. Tripp, that he is funny.

But Justin is going to have to prove that he is worthy of emceeing. Will Justin be able to do it, or will he screw it up like he always does?

Check out Justin Fisher Declares War! by James Preller.