If only Felix had had a chance to look at the current issue of the Andrian Echo before Betony got to his house for Christmas vacation, things would have turned out so much differently.

Felix didn’t really have any choice — he had to cross the Divide, find Rhino and stop the chaos. Rhino used the brandee’s jinx box to escape and get to Yergud and connect with the japegrin Squill, who is still up to no good, and is fascinated by Rhino’s ability to make explosions. The firecrackers Rhino’s never without are even more powerful across the Divide.

And then there’s Fuzzy, Thorn beak and Ironing’s daughter, who thinks she’s much older and more sophisticated and mature than she is. Tired of the boring work Thornbeak gave her at the Library, she’s run away to see the sights of Yergud and find adventures.