Kate and Mary may be sisters, but they are complete opposites. Kate has a cute boyfriend, good grades, the highest SAT scores in her school and a future as a doctor. Her younger sister Mary dreams of becoming an artist and has never dated anyone. According to Mary’s teachers, she is incredibly gifted and could become an art world star.

When their mother suffers an accident and is put into a persistent vegetative state, Mary doesn't feel the same passion for her artwork. As second family tragedy strikes, the sisters are left with important and life-changing decisions to make. Will Kate be able to go to Stanford, or will she have to stay in Texas and take care of her mom and her sister? And will Mary ever paint again?

Kate feels she's losing faith everyday and begins to question all that she knows, including her relationship with her boyfriend. Will her church's new, young preacher help her figure out the right course? Or will her attraction to him only make her more confused?  The one thing Kate knows is that as long as she and her sister stay together, they can triumph over anything.