What would you do if every time you read a book out loud, it came to life, whether you wanted it to or not?

Books are strange and wonderful things. Maybe you don’t believe that. Maybe you see them as dull or boring or difficult. But it’s true. These collections of black marks on white paper can take us places we’ve never been, show us things we’ve never seen, and introduce us to people and creatures we’ve never met. They can make us happy or sad, fearful or confident, uneasy or comfortable. But when you close the book, those places and things and people stay safely between its covers, existing only in your mind, as you continue to think and wonder about them. Of course that’s how it is, right? We live in the real world, after all: the world where magic can be explained and science and technology rule. This world is our world, but the world where Meggie and her father live is just a little different. In their world, the people, places and things in books don’t always stay between the covers. Instead they come to life, taking control of themselves and doing whatever they choose to do.

You see, Meggie and her father Mo possess a wonderful and a terrible power. When they read books aloud, those books come to life in all their beauty and in all their horror, in all their joy and all their tragedy, in all their goodness and in all their evil. Meggie and Mo can make their world a better place or a worse place, just by reading aloud. The year that Meggie is twelve she discovers just how dangerous and how evil their world is now because of what her father did many, many years ago. He read a book, and created a monster. Because of Mo, Capricorn exists. He is evil incarnate, taking joy in hurting other creatures. And now he is looking for Mo, because Mo owns a copy of the book called Inkheart, the same book he read aloud so long ago. But it’s not just a copy, it’s the only copy in existence. Capricorn wants it, and what Capricorn wants, Capricorn gets, especially when there’s only one of them.

Why does Capricorn want the book so badly he is willing to do anything to get it? Why has Mo spent so much time and energy running from him, keeping him from the book? Who is Dustfinger, and why has he come to warn Mo that Capricorn is getting closer and more desperate?

Enter the world of Inkheart, and find out.

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