1743: Born at Shadwell in Albemarle County, Virginia, April 13.

1762: Graduated from the College of William and Mary.

1767: Admitted to the bar; began practicing law.

1769-1775: Served in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

1772: Married Martha Wayles Skelton.

1775: Elected delegate to the Second Continental Congress.

1776: Appointed to the committee to draw up a proclamation of independence; drafted the Declaration of Independence.

1776-1779: Served in the Virginia legislature (House of Delegates).

1779-1781: Served as governor of Virginia.

1783-1784: Served as a delegate to Congress from Virginia.

1785: Published Notes on the State of Virginia.

1785: Appointed minister to France.

1790-1793: Served as secretary of state.

1797-1801: Served as vice president

1801-1809: Served as third president of the United States.

1819: University of Virginia chartered.

1826: Died at Monticello, July 4.