At the beginning of a teacher's career, I think you just need a caring mentor. I had one woman who visited me every week when I was first starting, and if she hadn't been there I would have run screaming from the classroom. But she came, and she didn't come to evaluate me or watch me and script me and tell me what I was doing wrong. She just came to listen and say, "What do you need?" And she wrote me a card the other day. She saw me in the newspaper and after 14 years she still remembered that she was with me in the beginning. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have stayed.


Likewise today, the administrators that are I think are really helping my school are the ones who just come and help you express yourself. What do you bring to the profession and what creatively do you want to achieve for our school? And support you. The administrators who are just asking about test scores and nothing else, that kind of hurts the spirit of the school. Teachers will endure a lot, but I think they need to be treated with love just like we treat the kids with love.