Our school is near the forest preserve and we like to take a hike in the forest after a new snowfall. We look for signs of animals, such as footprints, bark chewed off the trees, or animal droppings. We examine our findings and try to determine what animal is responsible.
Sharlene Hahl, Antioch, IL

At our preschool we like to fill the small milk cartons 3/4 full of water and freeze them. The following day each child is given a carton and they peel the paper off and drip food coloring (or liquid water colors) on the ice sculpture. Because it is translucent they are able to see the colors mix and if they hold it to the light they can see the various colors. This can also be done on a larger scale with 1/2 gallon containers. Paper works best because it peels away easily. If you slightly wet the bricks they will stick to each other to create larger sculptures. If you are fortunate enough to live by the snow, snow drips are really fun. Same principle only with snow balls, dripped with food coloring
Maureen Price, Modesto, CA