My favorite video to use in the classroom is "The Red Balloon," which has no talk but tells a magical story. Next, I love the video, "Paddle to the Sea," which is also a Caldecott Award-winning book. I remember these as movies from my own days as a student and my current students get a kick out of watching my favorite movies. Both videos can lead into language arts activities.
Carole, Rio Vista, CA

I teach at a Christian preschool and my class loves to watch the "Veggie Tales". There is a lesson to be learned in each video (discussed at the end) and the kids really understand! Throughout the day I will often overhear the children talking about what they have learned. "Veggie Tales" are great for adults too!
Lisa Martin, San Diego, CA

Any of the Schoolhouse rock videos. If I can still sing most of them from my childhood- I think they do the job. My second graders know what a conjunction is because of Grammar Rock!!
Debbie, Ft. Pierce, FL

My second graders are always fascinated with Eric Carle's video about himself, how he arrived at his subjects, and how he makes his pictures. They all want to try his technique after seeing the video!
Ginny DiSpaltro, Smithtown, NY

The "Magic School Bus" videos are a great tie-in to our Scholastic Science Place series. The students learn a great deal from these videos and also prompt questions about the topic.
Debbie, Fayetteville, GA

The Learning Station's "All Aboard" teaches stranger safety, following directions, and addresses learning styles (cognitive learning through physical movement.) Jack Hartman's "Shake, Rattle and Read" teaches literacy through movement. He also has others that teach great character, social and academic skills through music and movement.
Carolyn Langley, Lake Charles, LA

I substitute taught for the past school year and I showed the movie "Our Friend Martin" to both kindergarten and third grade students. Both classes loved it. It is part cartoon and part real-life movies and soundbites of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It has wonderful music which the students really got into. It is a terrific movie to show for Dr. King's birthday or for celebrating Black History month. I think all elementary grade levels will enjoy this movie.
Angela, Belleville, IL

We love the "Magic School Bus" videos. They are just the right mix of factual material and fun for our third graders.
Fran Simister, Kingwood, TX

Some of my favorite videos for the classroom are: the "Lost Civilizations" set, "Tale of Two Cities", "The Good Earth", "Roman City", and "Ivanhoe".
Barbara Yerby, Bowie, TX

I teach third grade girls. I abosolutely love reading Sarah, Plain, and Tall by P. Maclaughan. I have an entire unit on this book and prairie life. After reading the novel, the girls and I watch the Hallmark video of Sarah, Plain and Tall. We complete Venn Diagrams to compare and contrast this wonderful story.
Leslie Richter, Owings Mills, MD