The time has come. The evil Medea has returned, stronger than before, and more determined to crush the Icemark and kill her parents.

Medea, daughter of the Icemark, had been banished to the Darkness by her father. But she had not been killed by the Darkness. Now she prepared to challenge her parents and all who stood with them, and spread the influence of the Darkness across the world. This would be the ultimate battle — Medea and her grandfather, Cronus, the ruler of the Darkness, against the Icemark and its allies.

Oskan Witchfather was given a vision of his daughter, and a gift of knowledge — knowledge that would be needed to defeat her. It was a secret he could not share even with his wife, Thirrin Freer Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield. Oskan must stand alone, the only one with the secret, and when the time was right, make the choice. It would be his responsibility to choose to release the ultimate weapon or not. 

Queen Thirrin knew that the final battle was approaching and that everything she held dear, her country, her throne, her family and friends, was in the gravest danger. It would be a battle that would require sacrifices. It would be a battle that would require all that she had experienced, all that she had learned, since she had ascended to the throne of her tiny kingdom. She had fought before, and won. But this battle would try her and her allies in a way none of them had ever imagined. 

She could win, she could save the Icemark, but would it be worth the sacrifice of family, friends, beliefs and philosophies that would be required for victory?  What would the future be like if she ruled the world? What would it be like if the Darkness ruled?