Scholastic Booktalk

David and Gadzooks are off on another adventure, one that will involve Lorel, the great polar bear, the Teller of Tales.

David is about to embark on another adventure that will give him a whole new story to write. It will involve dragons, of course, but this adventure will also involve Lorel, the great white polar bear who lives in the far north. He is the Teller of Tales, who knows all the secrets of the Arctic.

The story really begins when Dr. Bergstrom, a polar scientist on a lecture tour at the university, challenges David to write a 2,000 word essay for class that proves—or disproves—the existence of dragons. If David’s paper is the best in the class, Dr. Bergstrom will give him a free trip to the Arctic as part of his next expedition. It’s the chance of a lifetime—but can David really prove that dragons exist? Real dragons?

Zanna, a Goth girl David knows from school, brings David a book on dragons for his paper. Zanna is fascinated by all the clay dragons in Liz’s pottery workshop, and picks up a bronze dragon egg that begins to glow as she cuddles it in her hands. What Zanna doesn’t know is that she has quickened the egg. It will be a boy, the first in nine hundred years.

What forces are gathering, and how do the pieces of the adventure fit together? What extraordinary adventures and discoveries lie ahead for David, Gadzooks, and Zanna?

This Booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart