Welcome to the Ice Scream Shop. Here, all the ice cream is made and sold by creepy creatures. There’s a job opening for a new cashier—and the job is yours! (The owner wanted to hire a werewolf, but you’ll do.)

As cashier, it’s your job to make change for your customers. (We had a cash register, but the 7-foot lizard that used to work here broke it.) We’ll show you how to make change yourself on page 9. At this ice-cream shop, the only problem you may have is customers who are frozen with fear!

What to Do
Answer the questions based on Making Change and the price board.

Making Change

Change: The money customers get back if they paid with more money than the cost of what was bought.

-To add or subtract money, line up the decimal points of the dollar amounts.

-Then add or subtract as if you were working with whole numbers.

Example: A girl owes $3.25 but pays with $4. How much change should she get?

– $3.25

Ice Scream Shop Price Board
1-scoop cone: $1.50
2-scoop cone: $2.25
Ice-Scream Sandwitch: $1.39
Pop-Sick-ill: $ .99

1.Your first customer, Coco Chippe, orders a 1-scoop cone and a Pop-Sick-ill.
a. What is the total cost of Coco’s order?
b. Coco gives you $2.50. How much change should you give?

2.Kareem Sickull orders a 2-scoop cone of Fang Fudge, a 1-scoop cone of Cough-ee for his brother, and an Ice-Scream Sandwitch for his sister. Rocky pays you with a $10 bill. How much change should you give him?

3.Tootie Frootie is ordering for herself and some friends. She orders three 1-scoop Scare-amel Swirl cones, one 2-scoop Gummy Mummy cone, and five Pop-Sick-ills. She pays you with $15. How much change should you give Tootie?

4. Rocky Rode is so afraid of the shop’s creatures, he hands over all of his money: $23.89. He bought three 1-scoop Franken-lime cones and two Ice-Scream Sandwitches. What change should he get?

5. Cooky Doe is ordering ice cream for her entire softball team. Cooky pays with $50 and you give her back $14. Cooky only ordered 2-scoop cones. How many did she order?


Testing 1-2-3

Now try this standardized- test-type question.
Frank N. Stine, one of the other workers at the shop, wants you to fill his order. He wants a 1-scoop Cough-ee cone and and an Ice-Scream Sandwitch. Since he’s an employee at the shop, he gets $.25 off each item he buys. Frank pays with $3. How much change should you give him?

A $.59
B $.11
C $2.39
D $.61