Bronwen’s father died in a plane crash when she was young, and after her mother remarried, she’s felt that she has no true family. Her perfect brother Peter, whom Bronwen calls “Jesus”, is nothing like her. Her mother lacks emotion and refuses to open up to her. But the worst betrayal is from her stepfather, who refused to adopt Bronwen when she was 13.

However, when she starts dating the gorgeous, sensitive, and smart Jared, Bronwen finally feels as though she's a part of a family. How is it that in her senior year of high school, she's found the boy she wants to marry?

When Jared proposes to her, Bronwen is thrilled. She's got so much to look forward to — graduating from school, starting college, and beginning her life as part of an “us”. She can start planning her dream wedding and her future. She now has someone she'll spend the rest of her life with.

After Bronwen is accepted into college, Jared makes a huge decision that affects both of them. Will Bronwen have to sacrifice her dreams and her future for a marriage?

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