Freddy was a hamster, but not just any hamster. He was a golden hamster. And Freddy wasn’t just any golden hamster, he was a golden hamster who preferred thinking and talking about the qualities of golden hamster-ness to working out on the treadmill all day. He was definitely smarter than the average hamster, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that in order to get out of the pet store where he was born, he needed a gimmick to catch the eye of a potential buyer. A TV in the shop showed the same boring wildlife video over and over and over, and one segment was of bears in a zoo begging for food. They looked silly, but they were very successful at persuading the people watching them to give them food. Freddy decided that that would be his gimmick.

And that was when Freddy’s life began to change. A golden hamster who’d rather talk than work out and who also knew how to read and write was a very unusual hamster indeed — a hamster that shouldn’t be locked in his cage all the time. A hamster who should be able to figure a way out of that cage whenever he wanted to leave. And Freddy was definitely that hamster!!