Heavy Hurricanes
Back in the 1990s, scientists predicted that an era of heavy hurricane activity was coming. Meteorologist Stan Goldenberg explains their ideas in this up-close interview. See what he has to say then answer the quiz questions below.

1. In 1992, Andrew was the most __________________ storm ever in America.
2. When did the lull in hurricane activity end?
3. How long do scientist predict this "era of higher activity" could last?
4. Why is there now a higher risk of hurricane damage?
5. Do you think the scientists' predictions about hurricane activity and damage were right? Why do you think they were or weren't? (Use facts and evidence to explain your opinion.)

Hurricane Spotter
Scientists use different tools to track hurricanes. They use their information to warn people that storms are coming and, sometimes, that areas need to be evacuated. One of their best forecasting tools is the new Sea Winds Satellite.

Learn all about it by watching the video below — but first, print out this graphic organizer. Write down what you already know about hurricanes and what you want to find out about them. Then watch this video and fill in the "What did I learn?" column.