Violence in today's world runs the gamut from bullying to murder, and finds fertile ground in television programs, movies, videos, and superhero games, where it's gussied up and glamorized. Violence is all around us, and it's taking its toll on children.

According to former teacher and child-development expert Dr. James Garbarino, exposure to violence in any form leaves many young children feeling scared, hopeless, and unsafe — even in their own homes. Others develop a pattern of aggressive behavior or carry a burden of discomfort that weighs heavily on their young minds.

To help children understand violence and find ways to live with greater peace, in this article you'll find:

  • Answers to Your Questions About Children and Violence
  • From Child-Development Expert Dr. James Garbarino
  • Before You Begin: Preparing to Teach About Violence
  • A Seven-Step Activity Guide to Teaching About Violence